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Top Dota 2 Teams

Supporting your favorite teams is an integral part of any esport, whether your poison is Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rocket League, or Dota 2. Some titles and their respective competitive scenes can have very stable tier lists when it comes to their teams and organizations, but Dota 2 is quite volatile and the “top squads” can change quickly from event to event.

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This can be caused by a myriad of factors, but frequent balance patches is perhaps the chief reason. What might be viable one day may be thrown into the dumpster after a patch, which can of course be detrimental to teams that are comfortable running specific heroes in their drafts. This is not, however, the sole determinant of a team’s success; anything from imbalanced roster chemistry to players simply declining in skill can throw the natural order for a loop.

That said, though, there exists a quantitative measurement of each team’s strength relative to others: the Dota 2 Pro Circuit leaderboard. Tournaments that are classified as either Minors or Majors in the Pro Circuit award Pro Circuit Points, which are tallied at the end of each event. These points determine which squads get invited directly to The International, the annual world championship tournament and the biggest esports event in the world in terms of total prize money.

Only the top eight teams in the leaderboard will be eligible for invites, so placing well in each event is crucial for those that want to get into TI directly. All teams below the cutoff point will have to go through their respective regional qualifiers instead. For the full mechanics, check out the FAQ on the Pro Circuit website.

Dota 2 Teams

As mentioned above, the Dota 2 professional scene is quite volatile and unpredictable. Teams can come and go depending on how successful or unsuccessful they are, with some organizations having entirely different rosters compared to when they were at the height of their power. Alliance and Na’Vi come to mind in this regard—because the two lineups that faced off at TI3 are no longer playing together.

This can make it very difficult for casual fans to follow all the teams and the many changes that they inevitably go through. Fortunately, there are two “solutions” in place to help alleviate this, both in the top tiers of pro play and in the lower ranks. First off, Valve specifies times during the Pro Circuit season as “roster locks”, which disallow teams from changing their officially registered lineups in the middle of the season.

Should they opt to swap players in and out during roster lock periods, they will be forced to go through their region’s respective open qualifier tournament for TI that year. Obviously not a good look for tier 1 teams, who would definitely rather be invited directly or avoid the risk of being eliminated in the open qualifiers—which are, by the way, best of 1 single elimination tournaments until the semifinals.

The other solution isn’t really a solution, but rather a community effort by volunteers over at Liquipedia. The kind folks over there maintain and update a database of all notable Dota 2 pro teams, including those that are no longer active. Liquipedia is a great place for those looking to get up to speed on which players are on which teams. They also have a roster change tracker on the front page.

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