How Many People Play Dota 2?

Want to know how many people actually play dota 2? Read and learn about total monthly & online players. Do you play?

Dota 2 Number of Players

Dota 2 is one of the most popular multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) games today, as well as one of the most played titles on Steam, Valve Corporation’s digital game distribution platform. It is considered a “core” title in the esports industry, with many major and minor tournaments held each year—including the multi-million dollar world championship The International.

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According to data aggregator site Steam Charts, Dota 2 started off in closed beta in July 2012, with around 50,000 concurrent players on average every month. Just five months later, that number jumped to just below 120,000, with the playerbase peaking at 213,000. The game was officially released and taken out of beta status in July 2013, just one month before the third iteration of The International.

The runaway success of TI3 and its incredibly close grand final match between fan favorite Natus Vincere and dominant force Alliance translated to a huge explosion in the game’s popularity. August 2013 saw the number of players grow by almost 40 percent, with a peak concurrent player count of 520,000 for that month alone.

Since then, the playerbase has been growing rapidly, thanks in no small part to the esports scene and how it attracts additional players to the game. Truly, Dota 2 has stood the test of time, with its continuing fame and reputation amongst gamers being a testament to its staying power.

Dota 2 Monthly Players

Dota 2 retains a strong, healthy player count each month, topping the Steam rankings fairly consistently. Though some titles such as PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG) does knock it off its throne sometimes, over the years Dota 2 has been the number one title on Steam when it comes to sheer player count. Its nature as a free-to-play game helps in this regard, of course.

The Dota 2 page on Steam Charts indicates that in the last 30 days as of June 17, 2018, the game has had an average concurrent player count of almost 485,000, with a peak of 822,000. This number indicates a 2.4 percent gain from May 2018, which had an average of 475,000 players.

The all-time record for peak concurrent players belongs to March 2016, which saw a whopping 1,291,328 users logged in at the same time. Though the game hasn’t beaten this record since, the player count has remained relatively close to the one million mark.

You can check out the statistics for previous months and years here.

Dota 2 Online Players

Of course, there exists a need to separate the statistics for concurrent players from the number of Steam accounts with Dota 2—especially considering that it comes with every account for free. Concurrent players refers to the number of users logged into the game at the same time—not the total number of users in the game’s lifetime and history.

Don’t confuse the two categories, as they mean totally different things. The former refers to players that still actively play the game, as well, and not those who just happen to have it on hand without really opening it and jumping into matchmaking.

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