The FirstBlood Sidekick Showdown – a Duos Vikendi Tournament Series

The FirstBlood Sidekick Showdown – a Bi-Weekly Duos PUBG Cash Tournament Series

We are very pleased to announce our newest PUBG competitive tournament series with the Sidekick Showdown.

With the success of the Survival Sunday League, we wanted to give players another outlet to compete. To change it up, we are bringing a FPP duo tournament series to the latest PUBG map, Vikendi. Duos will drop in the snowy landscape and compete every other Thursday beginning on February 28th 2019 at 4PM EST, for a total prize split of $675.

Sidekick Showdown Events are held every other Thursday at 4pm EST, rotating in slot with our FirstBlood Interview Series. Each Sidekick Showdown event will feature:

Each Sidekick Showdown week will have the following payout structure:

  • First Place at event: $300.00
  • Second Place at event: $200.00
  • Third Place at event: $100.00
  • Fourth Place at event: $50.00
  • Fifth Place at event: $25.00

Grab your duo partner, open qualifiers will be happening via Battles on Look out for Sidekick Showdown Qualifiers.

Fans of PUBG and competitive gaming can watch the FirstBlood Sidekick Showdown live on Twitch at Watch live every other Thursday, starting at 4:00pm US Eastern.

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