Introducing xPoints and xCredits

Today we are introducing xPoints and xCredits on – a more simplified system to earn rewards.

Moving forward your Bronze, Silver, and Gold tickets have been converted in to xPoints.

  • 1 Bronze Ticket = 10 xPoints
  • 1 Silver Ticket = 40 xPoints
  • 1 Gold Ticket = 100 xPoints

Players earn xPoints the same way they earned tickets before – completing DOTA and PUBG missions and winning PUBG Battles!

xCredits will give you the ability to take part in our premium tier events! There are multiple ways to gain xCredits – winning PUBG and DOTA events, referring new users to sign up on, or they will be available for purchase.

If you refer a new player to, both you and the new player will receive 50 xCredits after they complete their first event.

Beginning today, cash payouts will no longer be supported on If you have an existing balance, you can withdraw the entire amount or convert that balance in to xPoints. Don’t worry, FirstBlood will still host events where cash prizes are awarded! We’ll be partnering with other tournament organizers to facilitate these events.

Don’t have a account? Sign up NOW and use the promo code ‘LEVELUP’ to receive 50 xCredits to play in our premium events!

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