Advanced Guide to PUBG Assault Rifles

Assault rifles are by far the most popular guns in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. For good reason too – they can be used in close, medium, or long-range encounters, can do a crazy amount of damage, and are extremely abundant throughout PUBG maps. With assault rifles being the weapon of choice for most PUBG players, it is important to know the ins and outs of the guns. This guide breaks down the most important information regarding assault rifles that players should know.

PUBG Assault Rifle Stats

Gun Stats AUG A3 M1614 M416 SCAR-L QBZ Beryl M762 AKM Groza Mk47 Mutant
Hit Damage 43 43 43 43 43 47 49 49 49
Time Between Shots 0.075s 0.086s 0.092s 0.086s 0.096s 0.086s 0.100s 0.080s 0.100s
Time to Empty Clip (30 rounds) 2.25s 2.58s 2.76s 2.58s 2.88s 2.58s 3.00s 2.4s 3.00s
Damage Per Second 501 573 501 447 465 548 489 612 489
Shots Before Recoil Increase 10 6 8 7 7 6 7 10 10


Bullet Velocity AUG A3 M1614 M416 SCAR-L QBZ Beryl M762 AKM Groza Mk47 Mutant
Initial Bullet Velocity 940m/s 900m/s 880m/s 870m/s 870m/s 715m/s 715m/s 715m/s 780m/s
250m Bullet Velocity 690m/s 670m/s 650m/s 640m/s 675m/s 480m/s 480m/s 480m/s 510m/s
500m Bullet Velocity 480m/s 465m/s 450m/s 440m/s 470m/s 320m/s 320m/s 320m/s 350m/s
750m Bullet Velocity 330m/s 320m/s 315m/s 310m/s 330m/s 275m/s 275m/s 275m/s 300m/s
1000m Bullet Velocity 280m/s 275m/s 275m/s 275m/s 280m/s 245m/s 245m/s 245m/s 260m/s


Damage Falloff AUG A3 M1614 M416 SCAR-L QBZ Beryl M762 AKM Groza Mk47 Mutant
Damage Falloff Start 80m 75m 70m 70m 70m 50m 50m 50m 60m
100m Damage 97% 96% 96% 96% 96% 95% 95% 95% 95%
200m Damage 91% 89% 88% 88% 88% 82% 82% 82% 84%
300m Damage 82% 81% 80% 80% 80% 75% 75% 75% 75%
400m Damage 77% 77% 76% 76% 76% 75% 75% 75% 75%
Damage Falloff Finish 460m 460m 450m 450m 450m 275m 275m 275m 300m


PUBG Assault Rifle Stats Breakdown

Hit Damage – How much damage each gun’s bullets will do before accounting for the other factors such as velocity, distance shot, level of armor, and where the bullet hits. Each player has 100 health, so each gun would take around 3 bullets to kill someone.

Time Between Shots – How long it takes before you can fire 2 bullets when firing in full-auto.

Time to Empty Clip – How long it takes to unload an entire 30 round clip.

Damage Per Second – How much damage each gun can do per second. You get this number by combining time between shots and the hit damage of each gun.

Shots Before Recoil Increase – How many shots each gun can shoot in full-auto or burst before players will start to see a noticeable increase in recoil. Although players do not have to limit themselves to this amount of shots before stopping, for an optimal spray they should not shoot much more without a reset.

Initial Bullet Velocity – How fast, in meters per second, the bullets travel when they first leave the gun. Air resistance slows the speed of a bullet and reduces the distance by which it travels, so that speed drops the further the bullet travels.

Damage Falloff – Since the bullet velocity drops the further the bullet travels, the damage does as well. The damage falloff start number is when the damage first starts to decline, and the finish number is when it stops declining. PUBG has the damage falloff capped at 75% for assault rifles, so when the bullet first leaves the gun it will do 100% of the damage and then steadily drops down to 75%.


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PUBG Assault Rifle Guide

Now let’s get into when each of the guns should be used.  First, we will look at the bullet types. Assault rifles in PUBG only use two different types of ammo – 5.56mm and 7.62mm. The former is smaller, lighter, and has a higher velocity meaning that it can travel further distances without losing damage. 5.56mm bullets travel roughly 450 meters before dropping to 75% damage. This makes it a great option for medium to long-range engagements. The downside to the 5.56mm bullets is that since they are smaller and lighter, they do less damage than their 7.62mm counterpart. The 7.62mm bullets are bigger and heavier, meaning that wind resistance affects them more. They can only travel around 275 meters before players will see a drop to 75% damage. But with the larger size comes with more damage, meaning 7.62mm guns are perfect for close to medium range battles.

Just as important as knowing when to use each type of assault rifle is knowing what to aim for. As most players know, headshots are a quicker way to kill someone than shooting them anywhere else in the body. What they might not know is how the damage is calculated. For assault rifles, headshot damage is multiplied by 250%, neck shots by 200%, chest shots by 100%, and arms and legs by 90%. With the damage heavily favoring headshots and neck shots, then it would make sense to aim for those, but make sure you can hit the shot. Unless a player is standing completely still, most of the time it is better to just aim for the body. With the high damage output assault rifles can do, you can typically take a player down with body shots before they have time to react. The body is also roughly 4 to 5 times the size of the head, so you have a lot more to aim for, making the shots much easier to hit.


PUBG Assault Rifle Damage

The assault rifles in PUBG can put out a crazy amount of damage. This is why it is the most used gun category in the game. Although the assault rifles do less damage than DMRs and sniper rifles, they have a much higher rate of fire which means, if used properly, assault rifles can do more damage in certain situations. Assault rifles can put out anywhere from roughly 450 damage per second up to about 615. This is a substantial amount of damage considering players only have 100 hit points. Due to the high damage output from the assault rifles, they can easily be used at close range. As mentioned above, they are also great options for medium to long-range engagements because they still put out a good amount of damage up to about 450 meters. Even at max range, the damage falloff for assault rifles only goes down to 75% damage. Whatever situation you will find yourself in in a game of PUBG, assault rifles are a great option just based on the sheer amount of damage they can do.

It is definitely worth knowing the damage output of each assault rifle when shooting at the different levels of armor, so we went ahead and added in a quick-reference table for assault rifle damage outputs below:

Body Damage No Vest Level 1 (30% reduction) Level 2 (40% reduction)  Level 3 (55% reduction) 
AUG A3 43 30.1 25.8 19.35
M16A4 43 30.1 25.8 19.35
M164 43 30.1 25.8 19.35
SCAR-L 43 30.1 25.8 19.35
QBZ 43 30.1 25.8 19.35
Beryl M762 47 32.9 28.2 21.15
AKM 49 34.3 29.4 22.05
Groza 49 34.3 29.4 22.05
MK47 Mutant 49 34.3 29.4 22.05


Headshot Damage No Helmet Level 1 (30% reduction) Level 2 (40% reduction) Level 3 (55% reduction)
AUG A3 107.5 75.25 64.5 48.4
M16A4 107.5 75.25 64.5 48.4
M164 107.5 75.25 64.5 48.4
SCAR-L 107.5 75.25 64.5 48.4
QBZ 107.5 75.25 64.5 48.4
Beryl M762 117.5 82.25 70.5 52.9
AKM 122.5 85.75 73.5 55.13
Groza 122.5 85.75 73.5 55.13
MK47 Mutant 122.5 85.75 73.5 55.13


Best Assault Rifle Loadouts

With all things considered, we believe the optimal loadout for assault rifles to be one 5.56mm gun for long-range and one 7.62mm gun for close range. Ideally players should aim for something similar to these loadouts:

Attachment Heavy Loadout:

Primary – M416

Attachments – Suppressor, Vertical Foregrip, 4x-6x Scope, Ext. Quickdraw Magazine, and a Tactical Stock

Secondary – Beryl M762

Attachments – Compensator, Horizontal Grip, Red Dot Sight, and an Ext. Quickdraw Magazine


Limited Attachments Loadout:

Primary – M16A4

Attachments – Suppressor, 4x-6x Scope, and an Ext. Quickdraw Magazine

Secondary – AKM

Attachments – Compensator, Red Dot Sight, and an Ext. Quickdraw Magazine


Lucky Looter Loadout:

Primary – AUG A3

Attachments – Suppressor, 4x-6x Scope, Vertical Foregrip, and an Ext. Quickdraw Magazine

Secondary – Groza

Attachments – Suppressor, Red Dot Sight, and an Ext. Quickdraw Magazine

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