Advanced Guide to PUBG Submachine Guns

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has a great selection of weapons that players can choose from. With all the gun categories being popular, one thing that separates the great players from the good players is the knowledge of how to use each category to the fullest. This guide will be focusing on the submachine guns and their statistics, damage output, best ways to use them, what attachments to use, and the perks of each submachine gun.


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PUBG does a good job at balancing their guns so no gun is truly overpowered. Each submachine gun can put out a crazy amount of damage close-range but has their individual positives and negatives that make them unique. The Micro Uzi is great for hip-firing close-range with its fast time between shots but has the least amount of damage. The UMP9 is a great all-around submachine gun because it has a large clip, good hit damage, almost no recoil, and decently fast firing rate. The Kriss Vector is one of the most popular close-range guns in the game due to its fast firing rate, similar to the Micro Uzi, but higher damage. The Tommy Gun has the highest hit damage out of the submachine guns and largest ammo capacity but cannot use any sights on it, so players are stuck using the iron-sights. Here is a quick-reference guide to some important submachine gun stats:

Submachine Guns Micro Uzi UMP9 Kriss Vector Tommy Gun
Hit Damage 23 35 31 38
Time Between Shots .0048s 0.092s 0.055s 0.086s
Ammo Per Mag 25 / 35 30 / 40 13 /25 30 / 50
Firing Modes Single, Auto Single, Burst, Auto Single, Burst, Auto Single, Auto
Bullet Type 9mm 9mm .45 ACP .45 ACP



Now that you are refreshed on some of the important base statistics of the submachine guns, we want to cover the damage output that each SMG can do to the different levels of helmets and vests. Here is a handy dandy guide for SMG damage outputs:


SMG Vest Damage No Vest Level 1 (30% Reduction) Level 2 (40% Reduction) Level 3 (55% Reduction)
Micro Uzi 23 16.1 13.8 7.2
UMP9 35 24.5 21 15.75
Kriss Vector 31 21.7 18.6 13.95
Tommy Gun 38 26.6 22.8 17.1



SMG Helmet Damage No Helmet Level 1 (30% Reduction) Level 2 (40% Reduction) Level 3 (55% Reduction)
Micro Uzi 34.5 24.15 20.7 15.53
UMP9 52.5 36.75 31.5 23.63
Kriss Vector 46.5 32.55 27.9 20.93
Tommy Gun 57 39.9 34.2 25.65



As previously mentioned, each submachine gun is unique. Time to go over how to use them and what attachments are best for them.

Micro Uzi: This SMG is the only one that can be attached with a Micro Uzi stock, and it can make an incredible difference in the hip-fire. The stock in addition to an extended magazine makes the Micro Uzi extremely dangerous close-range. No sights can be attached to the Micro Uzi, so players must use the iron-sights. Although, it is more effective to just hip-fire with this SMG. A compensator was nice but is not necessary.

UMP9: The best all-around SMG is the UMP9. It is pretty much the only SMG that can be used at mid-range due to its almost non-existent recoil. Although it has the slowest fire rate of the SMGs, it has a solid clip size as well as the second highest damage. You really do not need any attachments on the UMP9 for it to be deadly, but if you are looking for the best loadout then you will want a suppressor, a vertical or angled grip, and then an extended quickdraw magazine. Just point and shoot with this gun and you will be fine.

Kriss Vector: The Vector is arguably the best close-range gun in the game. It has an extremely fast fire rate, as well as good hit damage. The downside to this gun is that it only holds 13 bullets in a clip, making an extended magazine a must for it to be considered really good. Although it does not need any more attachments besides the extended magazine, it can take a barrel attachment, grip, sight, and a tactical stock to kit it out. This SMG can be fired from both the hip or while aiming down sights and still be extremely effective.

Tommy Gun: With 50 rounds in an extended clip, the highest damage, and a relatively fast fire rate, the Tommy Gun is a great option for wiping entire squad. The downside to this gun is that it cannot use a sight, so players are stuck with the iron sights. This is not a problem though, because the hip fire is extremely effective. Just go in guns blazing and do not stop until everyone is dead!

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