Advanced Guide to PUBG DMRs

PUBG DMRs, or designated marksman rifles, is an extremely popular category that can get players a lot of kills. They are the happy medium between the bolt-action sniper rifles and assault rifles. Sniper rifles do a lot of damage but take a substantially longer time to shoot than other guns. Assault rifles can be shot in quick succession, but do not do as much damage. DMRs can both be shot in quick succession and do a high level of damage. This advanced guide to PUBG DMRs covers the important information that players should know in order to be successful on the battlefield.


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Bullet Velocity VSS Mini14 QBU SKS SLR Mk14 EBR
Initial 330 m/s 990 m/s 945 m/s 800 m/s 840 m/s 850 m/s
250m N/A 745 m/s 725 m/s 560 m/s 660 m/s 670 m/s
500m N/A 525 m/s 500 m/s 355 m/s 500 m/s 510 m/s
750m N/A 350 m/s 335 m/s 290 m/s 380 m/s 385 m/s
1000m N/A 295 m/s 285 m/s 250 m/s 315 m/s 320 m/s


Damage Falloff VSS Mini14 QBU SKS SLR Mk14 EBR
Falloff Start N/A 95m 95m 100m 110m 110m
100m N/A 99% 99% 100% 100% 100%
200m N/A 93% 92% 95% 96% 96.5%
300m N/A 88% 87% 89% 90% 90.5%
400m N/A 83% 83% 84% 85% 85.5%
500m N/A 82.5% 82.5% 82.5% 82.5% 82.5%
Finish N/A 425m 425m 450m 475m 475m


PUBG DMR Stats Breakdown

Bullet velocity is referring to how fast the bullet travels when fired from a gun. The initial bullet velocity in the graph above is how fast the bullet is going when first fired. This speed drops the further the bullet travels because of wind resistance and gravity. DMRs have a lot of power, so when bullets are initially fired, they are traveling extremely fast. The Mini14 and QBU both fire 5.56mm ammo, which is smaller and lighter than their 7.62mm counterparts like the SKS, SLR, and Mk14. This is why the 5.56mm is able to travel so fast. The 7.62mm guns have more power behind them than the 5.56mm guns. Although their bullets do not travel as fast initially, they are able to maintain that speed over longer distances than the Mini14 and QBU. It is worth noting that the SKS has a substantially higher drop in velocity compared to the other 7.62mm guns. Unfortunately, we were unable to find information outside of the initial velocity for the VSS. Just know, that it fires 9mm and is far less powerful than the other DMRs. The VSS is limited to close to mid-range engagements, but it comes with a built in silencer and scope, so players can be stealthy with it to get kills.

Damage falloff happens because of the drop in velocity. The slower a bullet is the less damage it will do. Fortunately, PUBG caps the damage falloff for DMRs at 82.5%. DMRs damage starts out at 100% when first fired, but drops down to the 82.5% mark around 425m to 475m. Players can still do a good amount of damage to others at further distances, it is just worth knowing that from roughly 450m on, the damage will be at its lowest for DMRs. They are more than capable of killing players at 1000m if you can hit the shots.


DMR damage is between assault rifles and sniper rifles. Similar to assault rifles, they still take 2 headshots to down a player with a helmet on. Like sniper rifles, the damage output is extraordinarily high, but are slower to shoot and come with less bullets in a clip. This makes them primarily limited to mid or long-range fights. The VSS and Mk14 can be switched to full-auto mode, so do not count either out of close-range fights. Here is a quick-reference guide to the damage that each DMR can do to the different levels of vests and helmets:


Damage to Vests No Vest Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
VSS 41 28.7 24.6 18.45
Mini14 46 32.2 27.6 20.7
QBU 48 33.6 28.8 21.6
SKS 53 37.1 31.8 23.85
SLR 58 40.6 34.8 26.1
Mk14 EBR 61 42.7 36.6 27.45


Damage to Helmets No Helmet Level 1 Level 2 Level 3
VSS 94.3 66.01 56.58 42.44
Mini14 105.8 74.06 63.48 47.61
QBU 110.4 77.28 66.24 49.68
SKS 121.9 85.33 73.14 54.86
SLR 133.4 93.38 80.04 60.03
Mk14 EBR 140.3 98.21 84.18 63.14



DMRs have high damage outputs and are phenomenal at mid to long-range fights because of the high velocity and low damage falloff. For the most part, they are not very good options at close-range due to their recoil, low clip capacity, and slower shot speed. For these reasons, it is best to run DMRs as a primary weapon for long-range, with either an assault rifle or submachine gun for close-range. Like sniper rifles, players should only aim for the head of players when those players are sitting still. Most of the time it is going to take 2 to 3 bullets to down players with armor when shooting them in the head. On the other hand, it will typically take 3 to 4 shots to down players with armor when shooting them in the body. So it is ideal to aim for the body since it only takes 1 more shot to down the player, but is substantially easier to hit the body shot rather than the headshot. This is why DMRs shine at shooting players that are running. Since they do more damage than assault rifles they can down players in fewer shots. Since they shoot faster than sniper rifles they can down running players quicker, unless the sniper is able to hit the headshot which is considerably harder to do than just landing a few shots in the body.


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