AfreecaTV x Sidekick Showdown

AfreecaTV x
Sidekick Showdown

PUBG FPP DUOs Tournament

Announcing the first Sidekick Showdown PUBG DUOs Tournament! Hosted by and sponsored by AfreecaTV. Players can qualify by downloading the FirstBlood Royale app and competing in the Sidekick Series bounty hunts, Monday through Wednesday for the first three weeks in October.


The top 4 best performing teams in each Sidekick Series bounty hunt will qualify to win daily prizes as well as a slot in our Sidekick Showdown DUOs tournament on October 20th, 2018 with a prize pool of $500!


How to qualify to participate

  1. Download the FirstBlood Royale app and create an account.
  2. Connect your PUBG account to the FirstBlood Royale app to automatically track your game stats
  3. Register for the Sidekick Series bounty hunts and play DUO matchmaking games in PUBG to get your score
  4. You can participate anytime between Monday 6AM EST ~ Thursday 6AM US Eastern in October until 10/18
    1. Qualifying dates: October 1st-3rd, 8th-10th,15th-17th (9 Days)
  5. Top 4 ranked teams will per day will be given a slot to enter the Sidekick Showdown on 10/20
  6. Players will be contacted via email and/or Discord to confirm their slot and participation.


Playing in the Bounty Hunts will also qualify you to win daily prizes such as giveaway tickets, or cash prizes!

We are also giving out free PUBG Swag during our live stream! Check out the Giveaway info below.


Sidekick Showdown DUOs Tournament


Date: Saturday, October 20th
Time: 17:00 US Eastern
Location: Online Lobby


Players: 40 Teams (80 Players) Max
Gametype: FPP DUO
Rounds: 5
Maps: Mixed


Prize Pool – $500 Total!!

1st–  $250
2nd– $150
3rd–  $100



In addition to giving away PUBG swag during the event, AfreecaTV is holding a contest for streamers! Stream your games on AfreecaTV and have a chance at winning even more prizes.

  • 10/20 – Sidekick Showdown Live Stream: 3 AfreecaTV PUBG League official character skin codes
  • October #FrightFrags stream event: Stream any game on AfreecaTV in the month of October for a chance to win cash prizes! Stream your qualifying / tournament matches or any Scary game double chances! The more you stream the more chances you have. Read the notice for more.
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