Advanced PUBG Tips and Tricks

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds took the gaming world by storm on March 23, 2017. This battle royale game launched the genre’s popularity and has been one of the top selling games ever since. With the amount of time that PUBG has been out, players have started to perfect the game as much as possible, making it much harder to get a chicken dinner now than when the game first released. If you are one of the players that seems to find themselves struggling to get consistent wins then this guide is for you. We will be covering some tips and tricks for the more advanced players.

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Firing Range

First and foremost is the firing range. At the very least, you will likely have to win at least one gun fight to win the game, unless you somehow miraculously manage to win without killing the last player. With that being said, it is extremely important that you are familiar with all the guns and can use them with or without attachments. The best way to practice your gun game is in the firing range. Sure, this might seem like common sense, and you might be asking why it is the first thing up in an advanced PUBG guide. This is because the firing range is honestly an overlooked and underappreciated resource in the game. A surprising number of professional players and top leaderboard grinders that I talked to only used firing range to warm up their shot, rather than actually practicing in it. I am telling you right now, if you go into the firing range and spend an hour working on your shot, you will come out the other side a much better marksman.

Jiggle Peaking

An extremely important skill that separates okay players from great players is jiggle peaking. Whenever professional players aim down the sight, they are constantly switching between leaning to the right and then to the left. This makes it to where the player is never sitting still for the easy headshot. When they are in a field, house, behind a tree, or wherever, they will jiggle peak everything to lessen the chance of dying. When you combine jiggle peaking with crouching then standing and with constantly moving your player, you get a much harder player to shoot. Make sure to practice jiggle peaking in the firing range. Players that can implement this technique while in a gunfight will find themselves winning a higher percentage of those fights.


A solid way to improve your gameplay is through the replay system. If you have some extra time, go back into some of your replays and see exactly what caused you to die. Try to find things that you could have done differently to survive. The best of the best in PUBG have spent many hours inside their replays.


If you are a solo player then this category might not matter much to you, but communication can make or a break a duo or squad. A good rule of thumb for communication is only call out things that matter. So much of the coms are blocked by useless chatter. Saying “I found an M4 over here if anyone wants. I really like the M4, it is way better than the M16, blah blah blah…” blocks out so much of the information that you can get from sound. You will miss the footsteps of the enemy nearby or the shots from the two teams fighting right over the next hill. Instead, just call out “M4 on me.” Clear and to the point. I realize at the end of the day, PUBG is a game and games are meant for fun, and this method to communication can be a bit extreme, but if you want to go try hard, try a game with only the important coms. It is harder than you might think, but it will be worth it.

Another important thing to note about communication is how to call out enemy positions. The best way to go about doing that is to call out direction, distance, and description. It should be something along the lines of “one enemy 220 degrees, 200 meters out, top of the hill.” Try to call it in that order too, so your teammates will start by looking the right direction, then distance out, then know where to look by. A good callout will go so much further than just saying “he is over there!”


A commonly overlooked mechanic of the game that separates a good player from a great player is being able to rotate effectively and safely. It is a key part of the game that almost every player will have to do every game. A smart way to go about rotating is to try to limit your “blind” rotations. These are the rotates where you just send it into the unknown. You should always try to rotate to something that you can see. That way, you will have a much better idea of what you are getting into. Essentially, you will scout out a compound or location that you are interested in taking, and then move there. From there you do the exact same thing to the next location. Rinse and repeat. It is a little slower than just full sending it to a location 600 meters away that you have no information on, but it is much, much safer. Teams that can lower the risk of dying to the unknown will come out with more chicken dinners at the end of the day.


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