FirstBlood’s October $10k PUBG Invitational: Who is invited?


FirstBlood’s October $10k PUBG Invitational: Who is invited?

A little over a week ago we announced our October 2018 $10k FirstBlood PUBG Invitational.
Our invitationals are an interesting format. We handpick a selection of the best teams in NA based on recent and past performance, along with the reputation of the players and organizations behind the teams.

This time around, we invited 14 teams and left 2 slots for open qualifiers; one through the FirstBlood Royale App and one through Survival Sunday. As of writing this, there are still several opportunities to qualify your team through the FirstBlood Royale App!

From the minute we made the announcement about our October Invitational, we have been bombarded with questions about who received invites. So without further adieu… seeded by performance in our last PUBG invitational, our 14 invited teams are:

Remember, the last two slots are still up for grabs!

For a chance at qualifying your team, head over to to claim your slot via the FirstBlood Royale and Survival Sunday open qualifiers.

And for more information on our PUBG Invitational, head over to

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