PUBG Item Guide – Ammunition

There are 8 different types of ammunition in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. We have broken down these options and outlined them below.

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PUBG Ammunition

Ammo Capacity Weapon
.300 Magnum 1 AWM
.45 ACP 0.4 P1911, R45, Tommy Gun, Vector, Win94,
12 Gauge 1.25 S1897, S12K, S686, Sawed-off
5.56mm 0.5 AUG A3, M16A4, M249, M416, Mini-14, QBZ, QBU, SCAR-L
7.62mm 0.7 AKM, Beryl M762, DP-28, Groza, Kar98k, M24, Mk14, Mk47, R1895, SKS, SLR
9mm 0.375 Micro Uzi, P92, UMP9, VSS, P18C, Skorpion
Bolt 2 Crossbow
Flare 0.5 Flare Gun


PUBG Ammunition Guide

.300 Magnum

  • Heavy bullets that are used by the AWM
  • Only spawns in care packages
  • Carry as many bullets as can be found

.45 ACP

  • Lightweight bullets
  • Used by a variety of guns – from pistols to submachine guns to sniper rifles
  • Deadlier at close range because they are smaller bullets that travel fast
  • Carry around 100 bullets for a SMG, 50 for the sniper, 20 for the pistols

12 Gauge

  • Heavy shells
  • Used by all shotguns
  • Limited to close range because the pellets in each shell spread when fired
  • Only pick up 15 shells at the max


  • Light bullets
  • Used by half of assault rifles and designated marksman rifles
  • Good for close to long-range fighting
  • Carry around 100 bullets per gun


  • Somewhat heavy bullets
  • Used by a variety of guns – from pistols, assault rifles, designated marksman rifles, to sniper rifles
  • Can be used at close to medium-range with the assault rifles, or medium to long-range with the designated marksman rifles and sniper rifles
  • Carry 100 bullets for ARs and DMRs, 50 for SRs, and 15 for pistols.


  • Lightest of all the ammo in PUBG
  • Used by half the pistols, half the submachine guns, and the VSS
  • Limited to close to medium-range because the bullets are too light and small to travel far
  • Carry around 20 bullets for the pistols, 100 for the SMGs, and 150 for the VSS


  • Heaviest of all the ammo in PUBG
  • Can only be used by the crossbow
  • Limited to close to medium-range because the bolt is too heavy to travel very far
  • Only carry around 20 bolts at a time


  • Light ammo
  • Can only be used by flare guns in specialty games
  • When shot straight up in the air, flares call in care packages to be dropped at that location
  • Carry as many as can be found
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