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PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has a good number of items, guns, and equipment that can be found throughout the game. Part of that list includes the armor and backpacks. Each piece ranges from level one to level three, with level 1 being the worst. At first, it might seem fairly simple mechanic to understand, but knowing how much damage each piece can take before breaking and how much each backpack can carry before filling can save a player in dire situations. This guide will walk you through the numbers behind the following PUBG equipment, so you are more capable of getting those chicken dinners.

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Equipment List

  • Motorcycle Helmet (Level 1)
  • Military Helmet (Level 2)
  • Spetnaz Helmet (Level 3)
  • Police Vest (Level 1)
  • Police Vest (Level 2)
  • Military Vest (Level 3)
  • Backpack (Level 1)
  • Backpack (Level 2)
  • Backpack (Level 3)

PUBG Helmets

We will start with the helmets. Getting shot in the head in PUBG does multiplied damage depending on the type of gun the player got shot with. Submachine guns and shotguns do 150%, pistols do 200%, assault rifles and marksman rifles so 230%, and sniper rifles do 250% more damage. As you probably already knew, having a helmet on reduces this damage. Level one helmets reduce it by 30%, level two by 40%, and level three by 55%. Without a helmet, most guns will be able to kill a player with only one headshot, so make sure to always pick a helmet up. Level one helmets usually only take one bullet to break them, level two usually takes two bullets, and level three usually takes three bullets. Always grab a higher-level helmet, no matter how damaged it is. Below is a quick-reference guide to the PUBG helmets:

Helmets Armor Damage Reduction Spawn
Motorcycle (Level 1) 80 30% Common
Military (Level 2) 150 40% Common
Spetnaz (Level 3) 230 55% Crate Only


PUBG Vests

Vests are another type of equipment that can be found in PUBG. They provide extra protection and increases carrying capacity by 70. Like helmets, vests will last until fully destroyed by gunfire. Even if there is 1 durability left on the vest, it will still reduce the same amount as if it had full durability. Instead of always taking a higher-level vest despite the damage done to the vest, like you would with a helmet, you only want to take the higher-level vest if it is above 25% durability. So, a 30% level three vest is better than a 100% level two vest, but a 25% level three vest is not. Below is a quick-reference table to PUBG vests:

Vests Armor Damage Reduction Spawn When to Swap Carrying Capacity
Police (Level 1) 200 30% Common If level 2 is above 55 Armor 70
Police (Level 2) 220 40% Common 55 Armor 70
Military (Level 3) 250 55% Rare 62.5 Armor 70


PUBG Backpacks

Similar to the vests and helmets, there are three types of backpacks in PUBG ranging from level one to three. Each backpack has different carrying capacities. Level one has 170, level two has 220, and level three has 270. For reference, 5.56mm ammo weighs 0.5 and a first aid weighs 10. So, each backpack can carry a good amount of gear. When you combine the carrying capacity of the backpacks with the carrying capacity of the vests (70 capacity) and utility belts (50 capacity), players are able to carry enough gear to last them the entire game if they prioritize properly. Some players prefer to pick up a level two backpack over a level three because of its size. The level three is almost twice the size of the level two, making it much easier to be spotted by an enemy. So, if you plan on taking the sneakier route, that is something to consider. Below is the quick-reference table for PUBG backpacks:

Backpack Carrying Capacity Spawn
Backpack (Level 1) 170 Common
Backpack (Level 2) 220 Common
Backpack (Level 3) 270 Rare


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