PUBG Map Guide – Erangel

Erangel was the original map that came with PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. It is an 8×8 kilometers with features such as mountains, fields, towns, small cities, rivers, beaches, and an ocean surrounding the entire map. It can be extremely important to be familiar with where the best loot locations are as well as the hot drops that will get you into early fights. With over 5,000 hours of experience in the game, and even more games played, I have compiled a list of the hottest drops as well as the best loot spots on Erangels.


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Hot Drops on Erangel

School – Although it may not give the best loot, it is pretty much dead center of the map and is an easy drop for most plane paths. This leads to players dropping there almost every game. Make sure you are first down to get a gun or else you will be in some serious trouble.

South Georgopol – This is a popular hot drop because there is a lot of loot to choose from, as well as players to kill. Dropping here will almost always offer you a weapon to defend yourself.

Pochinki – This is a good combination of School and South Georgopol because the town gives plenty of loot but is center of the map, so most planes give access to it. If fighting in a town and buildings is your preference, then this is the place for you!

Military Base – Similar to South Georgopol, this location gives a lot of loot, allowing players to fight it out with ease. Even if you win the military base hot drop, you will have to still cross over 1 of 2 bridges to get back to the mainland. These bridges are commonly camped so beware!

Although there are more hot drop locations like Yasnaya Polyana and Rozhok, the four previously mentioned are by far the most popular.


Best Loot Locations on Erangel

For solos/Duos:

Small Mylta Power – This building will give you everything you need to make it into late game and is extremely easy to loot. It is typically contested, so make sure you get a gun before the enemy.

Prison – The prison has one main building and 5 surrounding warehouses that are stacked with loot. If that is not enough loot for you, there are still 2 houses to choose from. This is one of the best loot locations for duos in the game.

For squads:

Yasnaya Polyana– With multiple sets of apartments, a diner, church, and several priority houses, Yasnaya is one of the best places to loot for squads. It is rare that squads that land here will leave without everything they need for the late game.

North Georgopol – Similar to Yasnaya, North Georgopol has a plethora of loot. So much in fact, that it is not possible to loot all of it before the end of the game. There are 24 apartment buildings in North Georgopol as well as a police station and plenty of houses. This is possibly the best place to loot in all of Erangel.

Here is a quick-reference map for loot locations that will get players kitted for the game. Solos and duos can do the smaller compounds around the map, but squads should stick to the cities or split up the smaller compounds. The red circles are hot drops that almost always have people there, yellow is warm drops that might have some people, and green is typically free.


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