PUBG Map Guide – Miramar

Miramar was the second map that PlayerUnknown’s Battleground released. Similar to Erangel, it is an 8×8 kilometer map. However, Miramar is set in the desert. There is a plethora of mountainous terrain throughout Miramar, making it rather difficult to rotate if you do not stick to the roads. One key to winning a game on Miramar is knowing the best places to loot. This guide has all a player needs to know regarding drop locations on Miramar.


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Hot Drops on Miramar

If you are looking to strictly fight other players on Miramar and want to do it from the start, there are a few drop locations where you can almost guarantee running into enemies.

The most popular would be either Hacienda del Patron or Pecado. The former is a large villa outside of San Martin. The loot can be rather scarce at Hacienda del Patron, so it is extremely important you find a gun quickly after landing if you want to have any hope of surviving. Pecado, on the other hand, is just as hot of a drop as Hacienda del Patron but has much more loot. The two most common spots to land in Pecado are the boxing ring on the north side of town and the casino in the center of the town. If you avoid these two places, then you will be able to get some good loot before starting your fight for the crown of Pecado.

If you are looking for hot drops that will still give you amazing loot, then Los Leones or El Pozo are two cities that are great for that. Los Leones is the largest city on Miramar and has the loot to match. It is an extremely popular choice for players that value loot over everything else. Although not as much loot as Los Leones, El Pozo allows players to leave the city with a substantial amount of gear and supplies. Depending on the plane path, both cities will have players drop there so fighting your way out will most likely have to happen.

Best Loot Locations on Miramar

There are plenty of great loot locations on Miramar that will kit players out while also providing a relatively safe drop. Primarily, the further players go away from the plane path, or center of the map, the safer they will be to loot. This is especially true on Miramar.

For solos and duos –

Prison provides some of the best loot in the game but is on the far corner in the Southwest of the map, making it rather difficult to go there. Despite the amazing loot at Prison, players hardly ever venture out there. Crater Fields is another great place for solo players to loot without running into trouble. The warehouses and shacks will supply a player with the stuff he or she needs for the rest of the game. If you are wanting to loot a city in peace, then La Cobreria or Puerto Paraiso are solid choices. Both will have more than enough loot, while also being a very safe place to loot.

For Squads –

I would recommend sticking to cities for looting when playing squads. Places like Monte Nuevo, El Azahar, or Chumacera are great places to loot that provide plenty of gear. None of these cities are hot drops, but players do tend to go there from time to time so be on the lookout for enemies while there.

Here is a quick-reference map for loot locations that will get players kitted for the game. Solos and duos can do the smaller compounds around the map, but squads should stick to the cities or split up the smaller compounds. The red circles are hot drops that almost always have people there, yellow is warm drops that might have some people, and green is typically free.


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