PUBG Map Guide – Sanhok

Sanhok is the most recent map that PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds released.Set inside a jungle, Sanhok is a 4×4 kilometer map that offers players nonstop action. The loot settings for this map are turned up to high, so players are able to loot pretty much anywhere on the map and get kitted for the oncoming slaughter. However, there are certain locations that are much safer to loot and allow players a much higher chance of winning the game. In this guide, we will cover where the best places to drop for fighting players right off the start of the game as well as the safest locations to avoid those fights.


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Hot Drops on Sanhok

With 100 players dropping onto a 4×4 kilometer map, fights are bound to happen all over the map. There are, however, spots that fights are guaranteed to happen every game.

Bootcamp is the most popular hot drop spot in PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds. Being dead center of the map, while also providing a good amount of loot, players are very keen on going here. Paradise Resort is similar to Bootcamp, but a little less crowded. Pai Nan would likely be the most popular town on Sanhok for hot dropping. Ruins is a fun alternative with its unique layout providing players with close quarter combat. Any of the Camps will likely have players at them so make sure you are ready for a fight when dropping there.

Best Loot Locations on Sanhok

If you want to avoid having to fight 20 other players right off the start of the game for loot, then there are plenty of places to land on Sanhok. As previously mentioned, 100 players dropping onto a 4×4 kilometer map will make it more difficult to find a place to loot by yourself.

The safest loot location would be somewhere on the extremity of the map. Kampong and Ban Tai provide amazing loot while also being fairly unpopular for players. Ha Tinh and Khao are another two places that players should attempt to loot when trying to avoid players.

With the loot settings being turned up to high on Sanhok, players can pretty much loot anywhere on the map and get kitted, so the best strategy for winning the game would be to reactively drop from the plane and land where you see is safe. Just because a location is safe one game, does not mean it will be the next.

Here is a quick-reference map for loot locations that will give players the gear they need to win the game. With loot settings on high, anywhere can be a good place to loot so these are merely recommendations. The red circles are hot drops that almost always have people there, yellow is warm drops that might have some people, and green is typically free.



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