PUBG Parachute Guide

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has been out over a year and a half and has sold over 50 million copies. It would make sense that people are starting to perfect their gameplay.

This includes everything from shooting to parachuting. One might think that parachuting is not all that important and does not have to be practiced. WRONG! A good parachute drop sets the pace for the rest of the game. Getting down to the ground first means you get first picks at the loot and can usually pick up a kill or two because of just that. If a player gets a bad parachute drop then he or she will be landing while others already have guns, helmets, and armor, putting that bad parachute player at a severe disadvantage. This guide will break down exactly how to successfully parachute and be the first person on the ground.


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How to Parachute in PUBG

Long Shoot – This parachuting method is the best way to make it furthest away from the plane, allowing players to safely loot away from trouble. With this method, players will want to pull their parachute as soon as they can and idle their speed around 30 to 35 km/hr. This will allow them to glide around 2.5 kilometers with ease.

Instant Drop – This parachute drop is only good if you drop immediately out of the plane. This is because the wave parachute drop that we will soon cover is a far superior parachuting method. If you do want to drop immediately, then drop out of the plane and look straight down. This will get you to the ground fastest, if you drop immediately. This method gives players extra loot time before the circle pops because they will be allowed to loot before the plane is even done flying.

Wave Drop – This is the best method for parachuting in PUBG and will get you to the ground first. Players using this method will vary their speeds between 150 km/hr to around 200 km/hr. If you do not want to be the last to the ground, then we would suggest perfecting this method.

How to Parachute Faster in PUBG

As previously mentioned, wave parachuting is the best way to get to the ground fastest. It is by far the most popular method for that reason. To correctly do the wave parachute drop, players must leave the plane around 800 meters away from their desired drop location. Once they leave the plane, drop straight down until 200 km/hr speed is achieved. After that, go back down to 150 km/hr, then back up to 200 km/hr. Continue to do this back and forth until roughly 75% of the drop has been completed, then drop straight down. The reason players want to drop straight down with 25% left is because it allows them to get their speed back up to max, which forces the shoot to open lower, putting the players on the ground first. Practice this method and you will be finding yourself picking up early kills and surviving the initial drop of the game a lot more.

PUBG Parachute Tips

Practice is key with parachuting. It is a relatively simple thing to master, but it can take some time. Make sure if you see players landing below you that you pull off and land somewhere a little safer. No sense in risking dying early just because of a poorly executed parachute.

PUBG Parachute Distance

Players can use the parachute to guide up to 3 kilometers if done perfectly. Typically this is only done to loot safely away from the plane path, but it puts players at a disadvantage because they will be landing late and will not have as much time to loot so they need to be ready to leave soon after they land.

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