PUBG Ranking System

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds has a somewhat interesting, but overall rather dull ranking system. This ranking system focuses more on playtime than actual skill level. A player can reach the top of the ranking system without being even close to the top in skill. To do this, that player just has to play the game a lot. As long as you do not die in the first few minutes of the game then you will climb the leaderboard. The more time you put into climbing the higher you will get. We will break down the ranking system below.

Survival Title System

The ranking system in PUBG has 8 titles within it. Starting with unranked, these players are brand new to the season. They must play 10 games before they will get their first actual rank. After 10 games, players will be given the title “Beginner.” The next is novice, then experienced, skilled, specialist, expert, and finally survivor.  These titles all come with their own emblem which will be displayed next to the name of players in the pre-game lobby and in game in the kill feed.

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How to Rank Up

The best way to rank up is to just play the game and survive. PUBG only cares about how long you are able to live. Kills, assists, downs, and loot have nothing to do with how many points for the ranking system you will get at the end of the game. It is only about survival. Which means that to reach the highest rank of “survivor”, then a player does not even have to kill anyone. It only means that those players in the survivor rank know how to survive. Which at the end of the day, PUBG is a survival game, so those players do know how to play the game. Each title takes 1000 survival points to advance through and onto the next one. Once you gain a new title, you cannot lose it because there is no demotion method in place besides for the survivor rank. The survivor rank is held for the top 1000 players from each region. These will be the public match grinders that play the game a lot and know how to get the chicken dinners.


There is no matchmaking in place for PUBG at the moment. This means that people with the title “survivor” can be put in the same match as people with the “beginner” title. Someone with thousands of hours of gameplay can be matched against someone who bought the game yesterday. This is a rather big upset to a lot of players. The experienced players want better competition, and the beginners want a more relaxed learning environment. Hopefully one day soon PUBG will introduce a matchmaking system that will encourage players to climb the ranking system to compete against other top tier players.

Ranking System Rewards

In addition to the emblems that players receive as they climb the ranking system, PUBG also offers them end of season rewards based on what rank they achieved. These rewards are cosmetics ranging from shoes to parachutes. If you reach the highest rank of “survivor,” then you will receive all of the rewards from the lower ranks. These rewards come out to some pretty snazzy outfits.

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